Who Am I Discussion Questions Discussion Paper Help Assignment

Who Am I Discussion Questions Discussion Paper Help

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Use the Psychological Influences On Consumer Behavior from Chapter 4.

Who Am I?

List 5 Personality Characteristics that best describe you.  Three should describe your best 3 character traits and 2 should be things you would like to improve.  Give a past example of at least one of the best and one of the ones needing improvement.  Give a proposal of how you might change the one needing improvement.

List 3 Lifestyle Characteristics that describe your activities, interests or opinions.  Explain each.  Now, choose one new one you might like to add to your life.  What would be involved in adding it to your life and what is keeping you from doing it.  (Example: Getting in better shape or learning a foreign language).

List 3 Values that direct your beliefs and behavior.  Where do you think they come from and how do they influence your decision-making process?1 attachmentsSlide 1 of 1


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