the use of deadly force Assignment

the use of deadly force

Write a 3-4 page paper in the Use of Deadly Force; per MN statute 609.066

The paper should focus on the use of deadly force by police officers.

Locate and reference one use of deadly force court case.

          -Summarize the court case
          -What elements of Minn. statute 609.066 applied to the case?
          -Do you agree with the findings/outcome of the case?
          -How did/does this case affect law enforcement?
3. Focus on and answer the following questions within the paper:
         -What elements must be present for the justifiable use of deadly force?
         -Is the 4th Amendment applicable to the use of deadly force? If so, how?
****Assignment will be graded on completeness, presentation, relevance, depth of analysis, APA format, at least 2 sources and have an intro and conclusion.

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