System design specification | Computer Science homework help Assignment

System design specification | Computer Science homework help

Please design the following system around the completed attached PIR and in the template provided.  THIS IS MANDATORY.  The rest of the assignment instructions are listed below:


The System Design Specification or SDS presents a complete design of the proposed system.  On pp. 432-433 of the text there is a complete description of the sections of a System Design Specification. A template and guide are attached to these instructions.

This paper needs to be 9-12 pages. Of this, a minimum of 7 pages must be written text. The other pages should consist of graphics such as diagrams and models.

All components of the double spaced paper must have one inch margins (left, right, top and bottom) and be written in 11 or 12 pitch, Arial or Times New Roman font. No blank lines between paragraphs or sections. Lists and Diagrams are needed but this content does not count towards the 7 pages of text. Use the major section headings and sub-headings exactly as they are given in the template, since they represent required sections of this assignment.




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