Social Work Paper Homework Help Assignment

Social Work Paper Homework Help

Students are required to apply the Generalist Intervention Model when using the planned change process to the case assigned. You are to analyze and describe the social worker’s accomplishments and short-comings and complete the missing work for the social worker either as you answer the assigned questions at the end of the case (#TBA) and/or in addition to the questions below. You will analytically and critically examine and utilize course content (with a minimum of 3 references (not all website references) and citations – do not cite the ppt’s.) throughout the analysis. Please remember to add what you think needed to be included in the planned change process and anywhere else you see a need. You will also address the following:

  1. What important value and ethical issues were raised in the case? What other value and ethical issues might be raised? How did the social worker deal with these? What alternative ways might you deal with the issues presented?
  2. Explain the planned change process and cite examples to show how the worker utilized each step (Engagement, Assessment, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation, Termination, and Follow-up). If you do not believe the step was completed or even started, what would you have done? What would you have done differently throughout the process?
  3. What systems were discussed in the case (individual, family, group, organization, community, institution, larger system)? What interventions were carried out at differing system levels (micro, mezzo, macro)? How did the worker involve multiple systems in the intervention?
  4. Which social work roles were demonstrated? Which roles seemed most important? Which other social work roles could have been used by the worker?

The paper will be evaluated as follows:

a) The extent and accuracy of your analysis relating to the planned change process.

b) Full, explicit use of course content, competencies and practice behaviors throughout the analysis.

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