Response guidelines | Psychology homework help Assignment

Response guidelines | Psychology homework help

You will be answering one of the four discussion questions following the scenario. To learn which question you have been assigned, check your in-course e-mail.
Mrs. Washington is conducting her weekly group counseling session for single young adults. Karen, a lonely young professional woman, talks about feeling abandoned by her boyfriend. The other group members listen patiently and respond empathically. The counselor allows Karen to talk at length, sensing Karen’s need to express herself and noting the group’s willingness to support her. Mrs. Washington reflects Karen’s feeling with concern and sensitivity.

What would operant learning theory predict about Karen’s behavior in the next group session?
Considering the need for successful resolution of a crisis at any stage of psychosocial development, how would Erikson’s developmental theory be applicable to the understanding of positive and negative outcomes for Karen at the stage of Intimacy verses Isolation?
What would social learning theorists predict about group behavior in the next session?
Describe how Multidimensional or Systems Views could be applied to solutions for Karen’s developmental concerns?

Response Guidelines
Each cohort partner should receive at least two critiques. If possible, respond to a cohort who was assigned a different question than you. If you open a post and it has been critiqued twice already, move on to another cohort partner who has not received two critiques. If all have received two critiques, more can be added.
Use the following critique guidelines:

Evaluate the clarity of the theory that is being applied to the question.
Assess the ability to apply theory to practice.
Critique the structure and style of the written post.



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