Research Proposal with Literature Review Assignment

Research Proposal with Literature Review

Introduction Your introduction seems generally to be on the right track in terms of content, but is missing required sections (e.g. “Organisation of the Paper”) that must be added. Consult the assignment prompt and ensure that you have all of the required sections in the required order. In addition, where possible, consider extra development (e.g. Limitations) to add further details and information. Literature Review Because it is currently incomplete, your literature review is far below the minimum required length of 1,500 words. Additional, substantial development and use of your sources is necessary. Continue to explain the positions of your sources before making connexions between your scholarly sources, and make every effort to identify and explain in detail any overlap or direct disagreements. Proposal/Conclusion Your current draft does not include a proposal/conclusion section, so I am not able to provide feedback on that section. However, the newest video (Week 11) covers the proposal and conclusion section, so make certain that you watch it before beginning the final draft of Project 3. The organisation of your proposal/conclusion section needs to better follow the assignment prompt: It should first suggest solution to research question; then, it should draw upon research presented within literature as justification for the proposal (this is the ‘niche’ discussed in the Video for Week 11); then, it should clearly detail the limitations of the proposal; and, finally, it should offer a conclusion that includes (a) a single-sentence restatement of what is proposed, (b) a restatement of the key scholarship which encourages the proposal, and (c) a statement reiterating the motivating factors (why is this issue important?) for the proposal. Format Your paper does not currently meet the format requirements for assignments in this course. Your paper should be typed in 12pt Palatino or Times New Roman typeface (10pt for footnotes), double-spaced throughout, with 1″ margins, and page numbers on the right side of every page. A paper formatting sample is available on our course Canvas webpage.

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