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Research Proposal Paper Homework Help

In this course, students develop a research proposal that investigates the effectiveness of an intervention strategy that is applied or carried out by social workers to address and ameliorate an identified human problem that compromises human functioning. Students identify a particular human problem and choose an evidence-based practice strategy or intervention that can be applied with the selected population struggling with the problem, and design a study that would advance knowledge on some aspect of intervention effectiveness, which is not yet well known, or not known well enough. The proposal includes an introduction to problem behavior for which the intervention is being used, or recommended and applied, prevalence of the problem behavior for a selected population, description of social work involvement, literature review on research regarding what is known about the intervention and its effectiveness, the specific purpose of current study, and the theoretical rationale for using the selected intervention to ameliorate the specified human behavior problem, and the proposed research question and hypothesis. The methodology section will cover the identification of main variables (independent and dependent, and two covariates); each variable will be defined and operationalized, and present relevant instruments for their measurement, along with information on the measurement tools or instrument reliability and validity. The methodology section will also include discussion on data collection format and proposed procedures, and how ethical informed consent would be applied with the targeted participants. The methods section will also present discussion on the study sample selection, sample formation and recruitment strategies, and a reasonable sample size, as well as identify and explain a quantitative methodological design suitable for the study, and discuss the strengths and weaknesses in view of the proposed design’s internal and external validity. The proposal will conclude with implications for social work practice. Please note that the knowledge pertaining to data analysis will be fostered and developed in the second research courses, SSS 759, and therefore is not included in the proposal. Please also note that the research proposal in this course is delivered as a written scholarly paper with at least 12 or more relevant references, and follows the typical APA-7 guidelines for scholarly style of writing and organization.

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