Quantitative Analytical Approaches Paper Homework Help Assignment

Quantitative Analytical Approaches Paper Homework Help

Assessing the Quantitative Analytical Approaches in Health Care Literature


Use the article Effective of Educational Intervention on Perceived Susceptibility (linked in Resources) to complete the following:

1. Cite and summarize the article.

1. Include study PICO, goals, intervention, and assessment data collected.

1. Describe, interpret, and critique the statistical testing approach.

2. Include pre-analytic normal distribution and post-intervention analytical testing. The Shahnazi et al. article linked in Resources may be a helpful reference.

1. Describe, interpret, and critique the study’s results from the analysis.

3. Address issues of significance; type I and II errors, confidence intervals, and effect sizes.

1. Assess the overall methodological quality of the article using the step-by-stepcritique guidelines in the Coughlan, Cronin, and Ryanarticle linked in Resources.

Refer to additional links in Resources to help you prepare your assignment.

Additional Requirements

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