Periodic Table Groups Project for dickson only Assignment

Periodic Table Groups Project for dickson only

Create a poster or a PowerPoint slide show for one of the following groups on the periodic table:

Alkali metals
Alkaline earth metals
Transition metals
Synthetic elements

Your poster must include the following:

the group number(s) for these elements
the number of elements in this group
whether this group contains metals, nonmetals, or metalloids
if the elements in this group are solids, liquids, or gases at room temperature
at least two similar properties shared by this group
the number of valence electron in this group
the ion formed by elements in this group (for example +2 or -1, etc)
an example of 2 compounds formed by these elements
uses for these elements in your life
at least one picture of an element in this group

Make sure your poster/slide show is neat and organized. Take a picture of your poster and submit your picture here or submit your slide show here. 

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