Nutrition powerpoint | Nursing homework help Assignment

Nutrition powerpoint | Nursing homework help


Your assignment is to modify the menu to suit the nutritional need of the population you selected. 

Your assigned population group for this project will be children in grades K-8 (kindergarten through 8th grade). I have uploaded Audubon Elementary School’s lunch menus to your file folder 

Menu for patient with Inflammatory Bowel Disease Karen is a 13-year student at Audubon Elementary School who comes to the urgent clinic with diarrhea and fever. This has been going on for a few days but got worse today. According to Karen’s mother patient has a history of Crohn’s disease. On assessment patient reports feeling weak and fatigued. Her heart rate is 120 and B/P 90/56. She reports being extremely thirsty and is quenching her thirst by sipping on large bottle of diet coke. She reports taking all her medications religiously. Mother is confused because she has been giving Karen healthy foods such as fruits and salads. On further questioning Karen reports that the family is vegan. You start the IV to hydrate the patient but also know that you must teach Karen the significance of nutrition and eating right to manage CD and live a healthier lifestyle. As Karen’s nurse make a menu for this patient. 


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