Middle Ages To Modern Times Assignment

Middle Ages To Modern Times

The biblical hero David was a popular subject for sculpture and painting throughout the Renaissance and into the Baroque period. By studying, comparing, and contrasting sculptures of David created in the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries, you can begin to see the stylistic changes that occurred across these centuries. In a minimum of 3 well-developed paragraphs, compare and contrast the following 3 sculptures of David:

  1. Early Renaissance: Donatello. David. 1446-1460.
  2. High Renaissance: Michelangelo. David. 1501-1504.
  3. Baroque. Gianlorenzo Bernini. David. 1623.

In your comparison, discuss:

  • What specific visual similarities do you observe in these three sculptures?
  • What specific differences do you see? Consider the representation of the figure, additional objects portrayed, and the role of the viewer for each sculpture
  • How has the attitude of David changed between these three representations?
  • How is each sculpture representative of the time period and style in which it was created?

Be sure to explain your ideas clearly and support them by discussing specific works of art that you have read about this week, talking about how they illustrate and support your ideas.

Question 2: Dutch Baroque Painting


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