Meme project | Sociology homework help Assignment

Meme project | Sociology homework help

 Assignment: You will create a meme communicating your understanding of any concept or topic we have covered during this course. Additionally, you will write a 1-page explanation describing the concept your meme illustrates. 

 You will write a one page, single spaced, 12-point font paper explaining the concept or topic you chose for your meme. You must select a topic/concept that was covered in the class this semester. In the paper, you will include the name of the concept or topic; define and describe it in detail; and explain how your meme illustrates it. Make sure you follow all grammar, punctuation and spelling rules for writing college papers. Use your textbook as your source. 

What Is a Meme?

A meme conveys a message with a combination of images and words.

Although Internet memes may seem silly and not worth serious attention, they do serve an important role in communicating various ideas about society and social issues.


Create a meme that illustrates a concept or topic you learned during the term. This assignment assumes that the audience for your meme is not well versed in Sociology. Therefore, your meme should be easy to understand by a wide audience. Your meme cannot be offensive, discriminatory or violent. If you use a stereotype, you must make sure your meme illustrates that it is a stereotype instead of promoting the stereotype. 

topic/concept that was covered in the class: 


Week 1 – The Sociological Perspective


Week 2 – Culture and Socialization

Week 3 – Social Institutions


Week 4 – Deviance and Social Change


Week 5 – Social Inequality


How To Create a Meme

You can use any application or software that allows for meme creation. I recommend Adobe Spark if you don’t have an idea of which software to use. It is available online for free. When you have completed your Meme, you should save it as an image.  

Here is a link to a tutorial video for Adobe Spark:


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