Management Theory Paper Homework Help Assignment

Management Theory Paper Homework Help

Question 1.                       

Depending on its goals, an organization can be classified as

                                              for-profit, mature, or social good

                                              social good, for-profit, or not-for-profit

                                              not-for-profit, governmental, or for-profit

                                              exempt, for-profit, or governmental

Question 2.                       

Which of the following is NOT one of Peter Drucker’s contributions to management theory?

The analysis of how organizations select managers, how managers act, and how organizations are structured in different units.

The understanding of the role large organizations play in modern society.

The focus on the role of human interactions, flows of information, and the decision-making process within organizations.

  The analysis of how social organizations become corporations.

Question 3.                       

Which of the following scenarios best describes “firefighting”?

 When a manager must react to crises and emergencies on the fly.

When a manager must react to crises and emergencies on the basis of preset plans.

 When a manager’s mistakes lead to crises and emergencies.

When a manager is so competent, crises and emergencies almost never occur.

Question 4.                       

Before establishing her own dentist office, Dr. Thorton evaluates other dentist services in the area. What element of a SWOT analysis would other dentist services most closely represent?





Question 5.                       

Howard is the CEO of Run! Jump! Sing!, a chain of indoor play gyms for toddlers and preschoolers. After repeatedly hearing from gym staff that several children have been hurt in the bounce house play area, Howard decides to remove all bounce houses from Run! Jump! Sing! establishments. What kind of assessment is this most likely described as?

                                              strategic assessment

                                              tactical/functional assessment

                                              operational assessment

                                              external environmental assessment

Question 6.                       

Bella is head server at a chic Italian restaurant. What kind of manager is Bella?

                                              front-line manager

                                              middle manager

                                              executive manager

                                              a nonmanagerial employee

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