Kinesiology project | Applied Sciences homework help Assignment

Kinesiology project | Applied Sciences homework help

KINE 3810 Final Project

For this project, students will research a popular fad diet and apply what they have learned in class to determine whether or not they would recommend that diet to another person.

Project requirements:

  • ●  Select a fad diet to research (please note that just because one of these diets makes
    claims to be “not a diet” they all still very much are):
    • ○  Keto
    • ○  Paleo
    • ○  Whole30
    • ○  Atkins
    • ○  South Beach
    • ○  Weight Watchers
    • ○  Noom
    • ○  Any other that comes to mind
  • ●  Do your research on this diet and answer these questions (use this template):
    • ○  Name of chosen diet
    • ○  Outline the diet
      • What does it entail, what are the requirements and expectations
        • ●  What foods are on/off limits
        • ●  How much food/how many calories are prescribed
      • Who is it targeted for (age, gender, etc.)
      • What is the purpose of this diet?

● What claims do they make to help people? ■ How much does it cost?

○ Does this diet have coaches who help others? ■ What are their qualifications?

○ Provide some history on the diet ■ How and why was it started

● Based
○ Does this diet align with recommendations for healthy living?

■ What are the prudent recommendations that we’ve covered in class, and how do they compare to your chosen fad diet?

  • ○  What are the pros and cons to your chosen diet? (Must explain at least 2 of each)
  • ○  Who would you recommend to go on this diet?

■ And who would you recommend NOT go on this diet?

○ Is this specific diet necessary for health/weight loss/weight maintenance, or can that be done without a specific diet or label?

■ Make your case!

● Formatting
○ Follow the exact formatting template listed above (10 points)

on what you’ve learned in class:

○ You must provide a references page to demonstrate where you researched your fad diet (10 points)

■ No specific format necessary; include links to websites ○ All papers must be submitted in PDF format (-10 points if not)

● Point

  • ○  Content (100 points)
  • ○  Formatting (20 points)
  • ○  Total of 120 points possible


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