International HRM – EssayLoop Assignment

International HRM – EssayLoop

Expatriate Hiring: International HRM Scenario

This discussion is based on the following scenario:

Dilworth Inc., a U.S. electronics manufacturer, has decided to take advantage of the very low salaries in the developing nation of Chad in Central Africa. Other global organizations have had a very difficult time maintaining employees in this county. The number of western-style amenities are low; there is a limited variety of food and no fast food. There is a French country club with some amenities; cell phone coverage is limited, and in general, living in the capital city of Anjemina is a challenge for most Americans. There is very little to do in the country, except work, so psychological difficulties arise from living in an impoverished nation. There are three schools but the educational quality is limited by the challenges of attracting and retaining faculty and staff. Spouses and children who accompany the employee often leave after a year. For those who choose to stay, leave is generous. Because of the conditions in the country, employees and their families can join the frequent trips the embassy’s Community Liaison Officer arranges to Europe and to other countries in Africa. 

As the HR professional at Dilworth, you need to hire a middle management staff member in operations, finance, marketing, and human resources. For this discussion, respond to the following:

  • How would you go about selecting an employee candidate for this assignment in Chad?
  • What cautions would you offer to potential candidates?
  • Would you offer any special compensation to attract and retain the employee? Why or why not? If so, what type of special compensation? 
    • Note: You may find the Allowances site linked in the resources helpful when thinking about special compensation.

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