HQD KING Strawberry Banana

HQD KING Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Banana HQD KING is a pre-filled 2000 puffs disposable vape device. Strawberry banana flavor is a mixture of Strawberry & Banana flavoring. The King combination in a single flavor offers great tastes without any sweetener. Strawberry Banana by HQD Salts is an exciting vape juice blend that delivers such a fascinating vape. It brings you a mix of juicy strawberries and the ripest bananas, creating a next-level flavor experience.



You will feel the flavor of HQD VAPE From the first puff to the very last, you wouldn’t expect this vape to taste so great. It is a masterful blend that you wouldn’t believe. If you are looking for a solid vape that leaves you thoroughly impressed, Strawberry Banana by HQD-Tech Salts will certainly be the solution. Strawberry Banana by HQD Salts is available in a 2000 HITS of the king vape

HQD King Review 

Many people review the product as boasting a remarkable vape from beginning to end, this delectable duo will certainly become a favorite from the jump. It is a perfect mixture that consists of juicy strawberries and a deliciously ripe banana flavor. This is a vape you’ll want to continue exploring over and over.  You can explore HQD KING all Flavors or you can buy it from your local smoke shop in Davie


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