Health/Public Policy – My Nursing Assignment Assignment

Health/Public Policy – My Nursing Assignment

Health/Public Policy
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You have secured a fellowship with the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), working as a public health analyst. One of the duties for this position is to “Identify public health policy needs and coordinate the preparation of strategies and proposals in response to those needs to promote the achievement of public health goals.” Your first assignment is to write a report of 2–3 pages that includes the following:•Identify 1 subpopulation of southeastern United States (infants, African-Americans, Hispanic women, etc.).•Describe the 5 most important health concerns for the subpopulation, including justification for your choices.•Describe the most recent state or federal policy aimed at assisting this subpopulation’s health needs and concerns.
The deliverable length for your assignment is 2–3 pages excluding the cover page, abstract, and reference page.
Support your work with at least 3 academic or professional peer-reviewed sources published within the past 5 years.
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