Health Care Reform Paper Homework Help Assignment

Health Care Reform Paper Homework Help

For example, if you agree with someone ,’ then qualify your response with some indications that you have explored: HOW you mean this statement, some reasons WHY you think the way you do, WHY you (dis)agree, HOW such relations could be otherwise, and HOW/WHY such a vision might (or might not be) desirable. Often this is as simple as asking the question “for who?” would such a statement be true, and “according to what standard?”


Prior to reading the ACA summaries, the articles and listening to the quick version of Obama’s speech on Health Care reform, I really did not know a whole lot about any of this stuff. I am not like an expert now, but I do have a better idea about what’s going on. The first thing I did was listen to Obama’s speech. His first words were talking about how if you already have health insurance you can keep your plan and your doctor (President Obama’s speech on Health Care reform). That did not happen. After Obamacare was passed my parent’s health insurance, which I was still on, had changed all their plans. If my parents wanted to keep their benefits and same plan well they would basically have to make a mortgage payment. To pay what they were originally paying, they had to seriously decrease their benefits and plans. So no, original health insurances did not stay the same. My parents are not the only ones, friends and other family members had the same thing happen to them.

Of the couple articles I read, all seem to be against the vote for the new health care plan. In the article “In Clash Over Health Bill, a Growing Fear of ‘Junk Insurance’ “, they interview a self-employed woman who is definitely in favor of Obamacare and told about how Obamacare helped her. They only seemed to talk about the positives of Obamacare when there are definitely negatives. This article made it seem like the new Health Bill was this horrible thing, but after looking at the comparison of the health bill to the ACA, it really is not changing a whole lot. To me they are changing what needs to be changed for the better. For example repealing the tax penalty for not having health insurance (Haeyoun, P., Margot, K., How Senate Republicans Plan to Dismantle Obamacare).

After all this material, a couple questions that come to mind is how was the ACA legally passed? After having it in place for 7 years is it smart the Senate is slowly making progress to change it? Do you think in the long run Obamacare will be completely repealed and gone and for the better?



New York Times Series on U. S. Health Care Reform, watch formerPresident Obama‘s speech on Health Care reform (the 4 minute version), and read Health Reform Summary and 2017 Plans to Repeal and Replace The Affordable Care Act. 

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