Health and Safety at The Workplace Presentation Assignment

Health and Safety at The Workplace Presentation

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Describe compliance issues related to health, safety, and security in the workplace.


Your organization has just established its first Health and Safety Committee, and participation in this initiative is being sought throughout the company. The committee is dedicated to enhancing workplace conditions, systems, and opportunities, so that employees can enjoy a productive employment experience. You decide this would be an ideal way to share your knowledge of employment law, and you promptly volunteer.

One of your first tasks as a new member is to produce a PowerPoint presentation promoting workplace safety, health, and welfare. This content will be delivered to employee teams on two (2) separate occasions. While attendance at the presentation will be voluntary, the PowerPoint materials will be made available to all for future use and reference.


You will need to create a 5-8 slide presentation that delivers the following content:

  • Identification of at least three (3) Federal laws relevant to workplace safety, health, and welfare.
  • Best practices for minimizing safety hazards and risks.
  • Resources for continued training, education, and outreach.
  • Procedures and contact details should assistance or information be needed.

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