Hcs 499 reply 1 | HCS499 Health Care Strategy Capstone | University of Phoenix Assignment

Hcs 499 reply 1 | HCS499 Health Care Strategy Capstone | University of Phoenix

Here is something to consider when implementing a Strategic Plan: Employee Retention. While advertising to the community in which your healthcare facility is located, because you want a strong customer base, but think about the people you want to hire and retain.
Today, I just received a post from our Human Resources Division talking about retention of students with disabilities. Asking for assistance in the work or educational environment can be powerful. Having the appropriate tools to perform work can be so elevating. Just think about what aiding your co-workers who have challenges. Increased production and job satisfaction go a long way.
In keeping with the company’s mission and vision, providing for those who have disabilities or specific needs can make a world of difference to the happy employee and patient service. Besides which, this is law!
This reply is due on 07/11/2021.


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