Design and build a rule-based expert system to solve a problem in a domain of your choice Assignment

Design and build a rule-based expert system to solve a problem in a domain of your choice

  • Project Proposal (10%) Due date: Friday Week 5
  • Project Report (20%) Due date: Friday Week 12

These submissions must each include a signed project cover sheet. Submissions without cover sheets might not be marked. You should use the standard Word document template for the Project Proposal; there’s another for the Project Report. Please don’t change these to .pdf files. A high standard of presentation is expected for all submissions: they should be word-processed, spell checked, and all referencing done properly in IEEE format. Knowledgebases or expert system shells submitted with the report must run on a standard IBM-type PC.  (If not, you’ll need to make arrangements to demonstrate the running program to your instructor in class.)

If you have just one word document file, you may submit that as it is.

If more than one file, put all your files into a folder named as follows: s12345678_Y.Name_Proposal (or ‘Report’), where ‘s12345678’ is your personal ID number and ‘Y.Name’ is your initial and family name.  Zip these into one .zip file and upload to the unit website by clicking the ‘Project Proposal’ or ‘Project Report’ link.

Please do not submit .pdf files; we can’t easily mark these up for return to you. Please do ensure you keep a backup copy of all your submissions.

Late submissions may incur a 5% penalty for each day’s delay, unless a prior extension has been obtained.

Project Description

Your task is to 1) design and build a rule-based expert system to solve a problem in a domain of your choice and 2) evaluate it. You may use any rule-based expert system shell you wish. Some have been suggested in the file ‘Download Software for the Unit’, but you do not have to use these. However, it is important that your instructor is able to run the files you submit (or else view your system running on your computer at a convenient time).

Project Proposal – Submission Requirements

A printed report of no more than three A4 pages should cover the following:-

  • Title of your project (E.g. “An Expert System to Diagnose Skin Infections in Cats.”)
  • A brief description of the problem that you are tackling (this should include any needed background information, critical variables, example questions and answers, etc.)
  • A brief discussion of how you will acquire the domain knowledge you require and one or two possible tools you may try for your problem.  Explain why you chose these.
  • An approximate time schedule for project (this need only be a week-by-week breakdown of the tasks you will undertake, with time estimates)
  • A brief discussion of how you will evaluate your project (what approach you will take, what instruments you will use, other information needed to understand your work)
  • References for the materials you have used (you must properly cite all books, papers, and software you use). If you are not sure how to cite references, read

Use the proposal template provided on the unit website to help you create this document.

Project Report and Code – Submission Requirements

A properly-written report of no more than six A4 pages. This should be organised as a scientific report under the following headings:

  • Title: Make this descriptive of your expert system and domain and the

problem you are solving.

  • Introduction: Describe and discuss the problem you are working on. Describe what prior experiments have been done on such a problem? Some background reading on similar wor is needed here.
  • Knowledge acquisition Technique and Tools: Give details of the method you used, as well as algorithms, heuristics, tools or you used in your solution.
  • Implementation: Describe the steps you took to build working rules for your project. Explain the key variables of interest, and the input and outputs.
  • Explain your evaluation method(s). Present the results of your evaluation. This will generally be in the form of a graph, or table of data. Make sure you clearly label all graphs and tables, and provide a caption for each. Note: It may be impractical to conduct a usability study or poll users with a questionnaire, because that normally requires the approval of an ethics committee, and there is usually no time to obtain one of these. If your evaluation would require volunteer users, instead simply say how you would perform the measurement if you had the necessary permissions: show what instrument would you use, how many users would you sample, and how would you summarise the results.
  • Discussion: Interpret the results for the reader. How can we understand what has happened? Was the outcome what you expected? What have you learned by doing the project? What went well, and what went poorly? What could be done to improve the performance of the system in future? What is your conclusion?
  • Acknowledgements (if needed): If you are given help or use code taken from some source, you should acknowledge these here. If you modify code obtained from the Internet, remember to observe the copyrights of the code obtained, and make proper reference to the author. If it’s a requirement for you to gain permission from the author of the code, please make sure you keep the copy of approval obtained and submit a copy with your report.
  • User Guide: Brief but detailed instructions on how to compile, link, run and/or use

the program. It should be clear enough for your to re-generate your results to verify your report. (Usually just a few lines. You can put this on a separate page – it does not count toward your six page limit.)

  • Appendix: One or more of these giving any extra data, results etc. which is too long to go into the report. (Does not count toward your six page limit.)

The following must be submitted:

•    All the data files used (if you have training and testing data, include everything).

•    All knowledgebase files, software tools and any related files you used to carry out your project. Your instructor should be able to quickly run your system with your executable and/or knowledgebase files.  Do not expect your instructor to install large or complex software builds in order to run your code  – there is no time for that. If your code requires such a build, make arrangements to demonstrate it during the class, or at another convenient time.

•    A soft copy of your report in MS Word format.

  • Use the project template provided on the unit website to help you create this document.


If you believe that you will be unable to submit a piece of assessment by the due date you must request, in writing, an extension at least one week before the due date from your instructor. A good reason must be documented such as illness with a doctor’s certificate Unless you have specific approval for an extension, overdue work may attract a late penalty.

Students are strongly warned against plagiarism, collusion and other forms of cheating. You should familiarise yourself with the rules concerning misconduct in submission of assessable work. Murdoch University and Kaplan regard this very seriously and students in found breach may be subject to disciplinary action.


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