Computer Crime Paper Homework Help Assignment

Computer Crime Paper Homework Help

In a minimum of 400 words, please answer the following question:

“Of the many recommendations provided in the lecture on correcting traditional problems surround cyber crime, choose one and fully expand and explain the recommendation. Please include the reason(s) as to why you choose the specific recommendation in your answer.”

 Separate paper 

 Final Assessment Exercise-Ten Essay Questions (ten points each)

After reviewing the powerpoints for chapters 7-12, answer the following questions.

1. Describe the public perception of an organized crime entity in America. List the features commonly associated with syndicated crime.

2.  Define computer crime, including the categories of offenses.

3. How do organizations create opportunities for illegal conduct?

4. Describe the subprime mortgage market fraud at the structural, organizational and individual levels.

5. Describe the racketeering influences and corrupt organizations (RICO) section of the organized crime control act (1970) and its impact on organized crime. 

6. Why haven’t local police been involved in enforcing white collar crime?

7. Outline the respective roles of the following federal agencies in combating white collar crime, US Postal Service, US Secret Service, US Customs, US Marshals Service         and IRS Criminal Investigation Division.

8. Why are local and state prosecutors reluctant to pursue white collar crime cases?

9. What are the advantages of pursuing white collar suspects in civil court versus criminal court?

10. Why has probation been viewed as the most appropriate sentence for most white collar crime offenders?

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