Chapter quiz-3 | Management homework help Assignment

Chapter quiz-3 | Management homework help

Chapter Quiz-3This activity contains 22 questions.Question 1.Which of the following terms refers to the sharing of governmental power between the federal and state governments?
o home ruleo multilateral bargainingo preemptiono dual sovereigntyo injunctionQuestion 2.The ________ provided for a bipartisan three-member Civil Service Commission to draw up and administer competitive examinations to determine the fitness of appointees to federal office.
o Pendleton Acto Wagner Acto Davis-Bacon Acto Clayton Acto Landrum-Griffin ActQuestion 3.Which of the following acts provided a personnel and pay structure for federal employees based on duties assigned to a job rather than the qualifications of the person holding the job?
o Revenue Acto Sarbanes-Oxley Acto Classification Acto Standard Time Acto Federal Corrupt Practices Act
Question 4.Which of the following is TRUE of the Hatch Act?
o It provided for open competitive examinations to determine the fitness of appointees to federal office.o It required employers to give employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for family reasons.o It restricted the federal courts from issuing injunctions in labor disputes, except to maintain law and order.o It put into place a requirement that employers with federal contracts should pay time and a half to any employee working more than eight hours per day.o It limited the political activities of federal employees to shield workers from political pressure.
Question 5.Executive Order 10988, in which the right to organize was granted to federal civilian employees, also ________.
o provided that employees had to complete 10 years of service to become eligible for health insurance benefitso prohibited public sector employees from going on a strikeo offered employees salaries based on their qualifications rather than the responsibilities associated with the jobo designed a central committee to determine bargaining unit recognition and to resolve disputeso allowed employees to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for family reasons
Question 6.In order to address the deficiencies of Executive Order 10988, Executive Order 11491 _____.
o established a Federal Labor Relations Council to manage the labor relations systemo required employers to give employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for family reasonso made the use of negotiated grievance procedures for settling contract disputes mandatoryo prohibited public sector employees from going on a strikeo restricted the federal courts from issuing injunctions in labor disputes, except to maintain law and order
Question 7.Which of the following entities was established by the Civil Service Reform Act?
o Employees’ Compensation Appeals Boardo Bureau of Labor Statisticso Federal Labor Relations Councilo Federal Mediation and Conciliation Serviceo Federal Labor Relations Authority
Question 8.Which of the following terms refers to statutes requiring that the official business of government be conducted in public?
o sunshine lawso contract lawso natural lawso tort lawso procedural laws
Question 9.Which of the following terms refers to a provision that a worker must become a union member or lose the job?
o union shopo open shopo agency shopo closed shopo restricted shop
Question 10.________ are employees who are in a unit represented by a union and are covered by a collective bargaining agreement but cannot be required to join the union or pay any union dues or fees.
o Cheap riderso Whistle-blowerso Boundary spannerso Early adopterso Free riders
Question 11.Congress is the legislative branch of the federal government.o Trueo False
Question 12.The federal court has three levels, district court, court of approvals, and the Supreme Court.
o Trueo FalseQuestion 13.The sovereignty doctrine is presented as a basic reason for not allowing employees to have collective bargaining rights or the right to strike.
o Trueo FalseQuestion 14.Executive Order 11491 made the use of negotiated grievance procedures for settling contract disputes mandatory.
o Trueo False
Question 15.The Federal Labor Relations Authority is a three-member panel appointed by the president of the United States.
Open Hint for Question 15 in a new window.o Trueo False
Question 16.The Postal Reorganization Act was passed allowing postal workers to come under the National Labor Relations Act.
o Trueo False
Question 17.A mixed union represents both male and female employees.o Trueo FalseQuestion 18.If an employer bases its bargaining position on an inability to pay increased wages, then that employer must allow a union to examine the company’s books in order to verify the claim.
o Trueo False
Question 19.Sunshine laws define legally enforceable rights and duties, and what wrongful acts amount to violations of those rights and duties.
o Trueo False
Question 20.During mediation, a third party panel makes a final and binding decision on a dispute.o Trueo False
Question 21.Discuss the Pendleton Act.
Question 22.Discuss the pros and cons of privatizing government services.


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