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Best smoke shop in Hialeah is Market 49 Vape and Smoke Shop. Market 49 Vape and Smoke Shop is Hialeah #1 Vape  Shop. Looking for a great smoke & Vape Shop in Hialeah? Come visit us in Market 49 Vape & Smoke Shop in Hialeah. We are located in 70 West 49 Street. . We have the best quality products and the lowest prices ever. Come visit us. you won’t be disappointed.  Or you can place an order in our online store .

Smoke Shop in Hialeah
market 49 vape

Why we are the Best

Many customers prefer us for the variety of products and the prices we offer. Our strategic location on West 49 Street and Palm ave 33012 makes us the vape shop in the city . our employees provide the best customer service in Hialeah as well for vapors  products. We carry all smoke shop products including All water and hand smoking pipes, Detox, Synthetic Urine, Shisha, Tobacco, Beer, Cigarettes and much more.

directions to market 49 vape
directions to market 49 vape

High Quality products and low prices.

If you searching of one of the best smoke shop in Hialeah, then Market 49 Vape and smoke shop is your choice.  We have to top best brands at the lowest prices. We carry the highest quality of Kratom in Hialeah and CBD in Hialeah at the lowest prices. if you looking to vape devices then we are your one stop shop. Looking for high quality eJuice brands. Look for no more. Here is Market 49 Vape and we have the top brands that you looking for. Brands like Naked, Nasty Juice, Keep it 100 and much more.

HQD Cuvie Disposable Devices in Hialeah

Looking to buy HQD CUIVE DISPOSABLE PODS in Hialeah. MARKET 49 VAPE AND SMOKE SHOP HAS ALL THE FLAVORS AND LOWEST PRICE IN THE CITY. ONLY $3.99 FOR EACH CUVIE MAKES US STAND OF THE COMPETITION. We are the biggest HQD distributors in the U.S when it comes to HQD products. inside market 49 vape and smoke shop in Hialeah, We sale HQD Cuvie as low as $3.99 a piece. also you can visit our online store to buy our products online. Market 49 Vape  located 70 West 49 Street.