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Behavior Org Paper Paper Homework Help

The organization discussed in the case study is General Motors (Kuppler, 2014). This is one of the largest automotive companies in the United States. In the recent past, the company has not been very kingly in their manner of execution. The latest and biggest scandal so far has been the ignition switch recall. This is the main issue discussed in the article. The company was forced to recall over 12 million cars in 2014. The faulty ignition switches used by the company in certain models of their cars were the cause of more than 13 deaths. In the article, the company is painted as one undergoing a culture crisis. This is because the faulty parts have been used in models for over a decade now and the recall was done too late.

Strengths and weaknesses

For many years, General Motors has been a giant in the automotive industry. Before filing for bankruptcy back in 2009, the company had the highest recorded sales even higher that Toyota. General Motors has however been run in a bureaucratic manner that has led to the fall of a formerly great company. Among the weaknesses cited are two cultures known as the GM nod where members of management listen and nod when assigned to perform a duty but they never do it. The other was the GM salute where members fail to take responsibility and instead point to someone else. In other words, playing the game (Tetzeli, 2016).


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