Ashworth semester exam or11s achieving academic excellence Assignment

Ashworth semester exam or11s achieving academic excellence

OR11S : Achieving Academic Excellence
Question 1
Which is a helpful hint for kinesthetic learners?
Listen to taped lectures as review.
Write out formulas.
Trace words and diagrams on paper.
Highlight and color code notes.
Question 2
The rate of employment for college educated adults is __________ of those with a high school education.
two times
three times
four times
Question 3
In the PRESS method, the two S’s stand for:
Speak and Share.
Synthesize and Summarize.
Summarize and Speak.
Share and Synthesize.
Question 4
Which is NOT a question to ask yourself when determining whether certain information in a text is important?
Does this sentence add to the story?
Is this sentence too long to be put in simpler terms?
Does this help me understand the main idea of the text?
Can I understand what’s happening without this sentence?
Question 5
Which sentence is correct?
We is used to the noise at our house.
Jaron and Darla grills hamburgers every Saturday night.
She like the gift you bought her.
Maria and Simon go to the same school.
Question 6
Critical thinking requires looking at a topic:
several times.
from multiple perspectives.
every day.
with a professor.
Question 7
In the 50/20/30 guideline, 30% is used as:
flexible spending.
financial goals.
fixed costs.
Question 8
Working in short bursts may look something like:
reading for two hours and then taking an hour break before reading for a couple more hours.
alternating studying and taking a break every 15 minutes.
reading for 25 minutes, taking a 5-7 minute break, and resuming your reading.
setting a timer for every 10 minutes to take a stretch break.
Question 9
The memory consolidation process works:
during sleep.
while listening to a lecture.
when taking a test.
in the mornings.
Question 10
Which is NOT a typical means of communicating with your Ashworth faculty, advisors, and peers?
Online discussions
Online student community


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