246 – Custom Nursing Help Assignment

246 – Custom Nursing Help

Chores anyone? isn’t it your favorite time of the day, week, month? How do you do it so children will want to participate (short of a whip 🙂
One of my strategies was to turn it into a game (I participated the first few times to get it going). Can we beat the clock when we pick up the blocks? Can we throw the stuffed animals into the net (up in the corner)… and then when it was time for them to do it on their own and hadn’t obeyed… alright you get 15 minutes. anything left on the floor goes in the box (they could only earn 1 thing out of the box per day). If they didn’t choose to earn it back then eventually I’d get to decide what to do with it (give it back after doing something really good, give it away, etc.).
Activities, restaurants, being polite to others and understanding what to do are other topics… Feel free to comment on some of these too. I’ll jump in on them. Here’s one thought.. my bottom line for places outside the home ‘you act out and won’t correct it then we just go home’. sometimes it was really inconvenient – having to leave a store without items we needed really sucked but it was more important to teach them priorities and the principles in play. I’d like to hear yours too.
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