1-analysis-and-summary-of-first-research-source – Custom Nursing Help Assignment

1-analysis-and-summary-of-first-research-source – Custom Nursing Help

Your role and task: You’ve been appointed to research a proposal for a campaign on a college campus, based on the portfolio project topic you’ve selected. The proposal will be presented to senior college administrators. Your task is to make suggestions, based on research, for a proposal supporting the campaign topic.
Step 1 – You will go to the CSU-Global Library and find a recent article (no more than five years old) to support the portfolio project topic you’ve selected.
Step 2 – You will format a full APA citation for this source.
Step 3 – Read and think about your article. If you want to, take notes as you read it, highlight it, and make marginal comments evaluating and making judgments about passages.
Step 4 – Now write one to two paragraphs analyzing how this source will specifically support your ideas. Discuss its strengths and its weaknesses for the ideas noted in the article.
Criteria and Format

This assignment should be 150-200 words in length or about 6-10 sentences, double-spaced.
Format your title (cover) page according to APA style, as shown below: Title of PaperStudent’s NameCourse Number (COM300) – Name of Course Colorado State University – Global CampusInstructor’s NameDate
This evaluation of your first source should be mostly in your own words, but you may include one short, partial quotation or paraphrase with a proper APA in-text citation if you wish (not required).
On a separate page titled References, create the full citation of your first source in proper format according to the APA Requirements, including the hanging indent.

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