About HWnerds

HWNerds is the trusted provider of customized content based solutions for students around the world. Since 2013, HWnerds has been deeply committed to hiring and training the best American writers to deliver writing, editing, and academic services while offering tremendous client support. With a staff of over four writers and customers in over forty (40) countries, HWnerds is the global leader in students academic services.

What we do 

We provide a wide range of academic services all students: 

  • We write your papers 
  • We do your presentations 
  • We post your discussion questions 
  • We take your final exams 
  • we do your labs 
  • & much more 

World-Class Writers

We take pride in having talented, fun, and driven people in our organization. That includes our writers, and lab experts who go through an intense training program before being able to work on orders. By focusing extensively on having good writers, we can ensure that we follow through with our promise of offering the best possible product on the market.

US Based

We are also 100% US based located in California and do not outsource our writing staff overseas. Ever.

Why we are the #1 most trusted 

What distinguishes us from others, is that we have a money back guarantee if you not satisfied. We are a team of 4 U.S based writers, with talent and passion for writing. We have an extensive experience, and strong academic background to handle any project. Above all, and most importantly, our writing is guaranteed to be 100% customized, original and plagiarism free.